2012 Art House Coop Sketchbook Project.

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Sketchbook Project 2011

Tomorrow is the day I ship out my sketchbook for Art House Coop’s 2012 Sketchbook Project, and I wanted to share my favorite piece I drew. I tried my best to capture Ermelinda Cortes in this sketch. Unfortunately the paper in the sketchbook was pretty bad, so the other sketch came through.

Heart In Hand.

New sketch in my Art House Coop Sketchbook. Only 2 more sketches to go.


Can I just sit here and write?

Under the Light House.

This is what I wrote for the daily writing group on the Node.

Under the Light House.

She grabbed his hand and held it tight. He leaned in to kiss her. She met his lips halfway. The kiss lasted only 10 seconds, but to them it felt like an eternity. She broke away. The look on her face was of pure sadness. She said she had something to tell him. He just looked at her. He knew what was about to happen. She grasped his other hand in hers. She said “I’m moving. Tomorrow to be exact.” his face changed to despair. He told her that they could still me together. Tears rolled down her face. She whimpered that she was moving across the country, that their relationship would never last. He wiped her tears from her face. He said everything will be OK. She started to cry more. She told him that she loved him. He told her back. She asked him if they could met again in three years under the light house. He held her tight and whispered yes in her ear. He walked her home. When they got to her house he kissed her one more time. They said goodbye. Three years had passed. He was already waiting at the light house. She drove up in her car. She waited for five minutes until she opened her door. He just stood there smiling. She ran up to him and jumped into his arms. They kissed each other for what seemed like forever. She was crying. They didn’t speak for several minutes. There was a look of love on their faces. She thanked him for meeting her again. He just leaned in and kissed her. They married four years later.